Dog with flea and tick medicine around cats?

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Dog with flea and tick medicine around cats?

Poslaťod JoeClark » Štv 26. Okt 2017 13:19:04


I recently adopted a puppy and I have my two girls (Ellie & Zoey). I put flea and tick on the puppy and they don't touch each other, they don't groom each other, and the cats really aren't too fond of the puppy, but I'm wondering if the puppy is safe around the cats? Do I have to be paranoid and wash my hands, make sure my clothes don't come into contact with both, and keep the dog off the bed? Keeping them in separate rooms isn't an option but the dog is crated at night. Do I keep them strictly separate for 24 hours? Are the nose taps okay? Can she be on the carpet the cats are on? I put it on at 11 am and it's 7pm. I don't know if I'm just being overly paranoid but I would panic if something bad happened to my cats and google isn't coming up with answers.

I've seen what happens to cats with dog flea and tick (15 years ago my own cat had it put on mistakenly by my mom, very expensive vet visit and a lot of water works)

Thanks in advance!

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